Monday, November 7, 2011

Triplane 1.06(2)

Relive the war of the air as you play the ace of the British, Germans, Finnish or Japanese. Looping dog-fights and deft bombing runs will punish the enemy attack. Get four players together and you will be at it right through the night. There are also a load of challenging missions to keep you going for ages. The full game has been released for free, so grab the chance to play this classic.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Install SISx file
  2. Put dks file into e:\triplane or onto c:\data\triplane
  3. Enjoy ! ;)

  • UPDATED [1.06(2)]  4.12.11  


  1. at c5-00 game starts, but when vyberaem play (after the pilot made), the game is closed

  2. Hi AnotherGuest!Test 6120c OS 9.2 not work :( The game is not starting.And some others your new ports doesnt seem works on 6120c and other s60v3 phones.Why?P.s.Anywhere,thank you very much for all ports that you do! :)And sorry my bad english. :)

  3. Figured out the settings the game .... it works ... sorry for the panic XD