Thursday, April 4, 2013

PushOver 0.04(0)

Pushover is a fun puzzle game originally published by Ocean in 1992. In this game you control an ant that can walk along platforms that are connected with ladders. On those platforms are dominos that need to fall according to some rules.
  • All dominos must fall and none must crash into another
  • One special domino must fall as last domino and that domino triggers the exit door to open when you enter the exit door the level has been completed
  • You may rearrange as many dominos as you want, except for the trigger. You may not place dominos in front of the doors, except for the vanishing domino.
  • You may push push once to start a chain reaction with the dominos leading to the fall of all of them
  • All this has to be done within a time limit (which is normally generous)
  • There are 11 different dominos that behave differently when pushed, some fall, some not, some wait a bit before they fall, some raise, some toppler until they meet an obstacle
  • There is a help in the game and introductory levels that show how all the dominos work

Installation Instructions:
  1. Install SISx file
  2. Put data files into the pushover folder on memorycard i.e e:\pushover\
  3. Enjoy ! ;)


  1. good puzzle game... But i'm still waiting for emulator update.

    Please Anotherguest, port some new emulator again.

    And how about to working the bluetooth multiplayer game on Gpfce emulator...?

    I'll glad if it work like vnes on symbian which could play with bluetooth multiplayer game.

    Btway, why you nothing to answer any comments on your blog Anotherguest...?
    We need your concern Anotherguest,

    everyday i'm looking for your website, and everyday too i hope i'll found new emulator update by you.

    We will be happy if you answer us.

    '' Your name will never die on symbian s60v3 user exactly, your name is long life on symbian mind ''

    so always do the best Anotherguest.

    I hope new emulator update for next post.
    Neo Geo emulator maybe.

    Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand. :P

    a lot of million thanks you for you Anotherguest.

  2. I would also LOVE to see some emulator too, AnotherGuest. You have already ported two notaz's emulator, so why don't you want to go further and port another one? Maybe you could update Picodrive, since it was ported already, it *shouldn't* be that hard to do. I'm talking about Sega 32x, Master System and Game Gear support, which was added in later Picodrive versions. NeoGeo4All would be nice too. If you don't want to do it - ok, but please reply to your fans, you really *should* keep in touch with the people who care about you. Greetings from Poland ;)


  3. Sorry to say, PicoDrive is not open source, so not sure how easy it is to get an updated source from Notaz. As for other emulators, well better Sega Masteer/SMS would be nice. And NeoGeo would be nice, I had one running, but the audio thread was crashing. :-( Anyone interested in old Atari Console Emus? Or other older console systems? I know there has been a demand for Mame, but getting that to run with enough engines is also a challenge. And what about old school gameboy (colour). NeoGeo will be running fast , I just wished I could get the audio thread running also. :-)

  4. how about it...?

    i'm get this source code from Andre Bothelo who make Emigens for newest symbian OS with Qt port.

    Maybe you will port this Anotherguest.

    Yeah, gameboy color. Bad with vboy and super goboy, they two still need repair. Any bug on those two emulator.

    You are Rock Anotherguest, Neo Geo will be Rock'n too. Please finish that Neo Geo emulator.
    Sonic wings, metal slug... Wuuuhuuu... Please finish that emu Anotherguest.

    We will always waiting you Anotherguest.

    How about to port emulator with 3D graphic, like N64 or Psx. I know it will be hard to run on symbian s60v3 phone. But, maybe you will make it possible to run Anotherguest.

    Do the best Anotherguest.

    You have Gpfce port before, and Gpfce is better then Atari. I think. :P

  5. hi anotherguest, can we request a pokemon rpg ported game from you, similar gameplay to gba or nds pokemon games, we think that kind of pokemon games are the best games we can play for s60v3 phones, and rpg also are the most demanded games, and its good to play games that we can spend so much time to it, while also enjoying the gameplay and story. Many thanks for you anotherguest.

  6. sir its good to hear that neo geo emulator is possible, but games on neo geo are mostly fighting games and fighting games are hard to play on mobiles but still we appreciate it. can i ask if the wonderswan color emulator is possible on s60v3 low ram devices such as n73, that emulator rivals gba and would be very great if you could do that. i know that most games on wonderswan are japanese but there are translated roms available that we can play and there are many great games available on that platform, like rpg or simulation and many others. i hope you reply and thanks in advance and thanks for all the efforts youve done..

  7. Wonderswan is certainly also a good possibility. And we have the NeoGeo portable, which has a nice emu, not that many games, but it should run nice.
    As for 3d emulators, I know that this has been tested for Symbian^3 and higher, and it requires lots of cpu. For older S60v3 phones I think older platforms will run better, higher end systems, will be more of a technical demo then. It runs, but not playable.

    GenPlus GX, for WII or? Well it is also available in other variants, not sure.

    Btw we are posting a new version of ScummVM (1.6.0git) and that has support for lots of new games, I think EOB can be very nice to play. :-)

  8. Just found this, guys: FUCK FUCK FUCK! If he stopped the development, WHY THE HELL DID HE DISALLOW these emulators to be downloaded? Serioulsy, this crap has pissed me. MASTER SYSTEM and GAME GEAR emulators for Symbian not available to download because of some DICKHEAD saying "NO BECAUSE FUCK YOU, THAT'S WHY"!!! Sorry for being so vulgar an arrogant whatever, but serioulsy... Don't you think it's stupid to do such thing? I love you AnotherGuest for your work and for not doing such stupid things like this faggot! AAAARGHH!

  9. ok Anotherguest, :D

    so, it's impossible to run N64 or Psx game on symbian s60v3 phone.

    And then, go for Neo Geo Emu. Let's finish that Neo Geo emu Anotherguest. I can't for waiting it... :P

    hey, how about Gameboy Colour emu.?
    Will you to port that...? It will be cool too,
    vboy and super goboy still not run perfectly.

    yeah, symbian^3 more have power to run 3D graphic. I need 4 years if i want to update my phone to symbian^3. So, better using my money for other important than to update my phone.

    So, just enjoying my old phone. :P

    i cant enjoying scumm game, its always make me angry. Because i'm not understand the purpose of the scumm game. My bad. :P and the big size game is my first problem.

    Now we waiting for :
    - Neo Geo emu
    - Gameboy Colour emu

    million thanks for you Anotherguest.

  10. Do the best and million thanks you for Anotherguest.

    greeting from Indonesia.

    wonderswan is rock'n too... Lets port that too... :P

  11. YEAH anotherguest is the GOD of SYMBIAN
    let's wait for the WONDERSWAN COLOR and NEO GEO emulators :)