Monday, November 7, 2011

OpenBor: Open Beats of Rage 3.00(9)

The [Beats of rage] engine is customizable, and allows for new games to be built on the engine in distributed in its custom PAK format. The games developed for the Beats of Rage engine are commonly referred to as "mods", the creators are commonly referred to as "modders", and the engine itself is commonly referred to as "moddable". Titles availables are Final Fight Asterix Double dragon, and most well known beat ´em ups.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Install SISx file
  2. Put data files into E:\openbor\paks or C:\openbor\paks
  3. Enjoy ! ;)

UPDATED [3.00(9)]  4.9.12


  1. AnotherGuest, you are one amongst millions persons

    Congratulation for your creation to port OpenBor for s60v3!

    Nice Job! :)

    Ratings for s60v3 ported OpenBor: 9/10

  2. One of the best symbian application ever, thank you AnotherGuest!!
    I hope you are still making the new updated/newer version of OpenBor for S60V3 which may able to stably play all OpenBor roms, from the older to the newer roms.

  3. Yea! the great application!

    I am still waiting for the next emulator new updated version, coz I can't play street of rage z, bare knuckle 6, marvel first alliance, rocket viper 2 full version and other newest games from the previous version of s60v3 openbor emulator :( but the older games are just fine, work with the previous emulators.

    btw, thank you very much anotherguest!

  4. Very long loading time. Some paks can't be played - loading forever. After pressing Quit - black screen, i need to press red button, then kill process with KillMe.

  5. This new updated OpenBor is indeed faster than the previous ones.

    But honestly, the greatest OpenBor that you've ever made for S60V3 is OpenBor 3.00(7) because most of games can be played using that one. 3.00(4) is also good but 3.00(7) is better than newer or older ones.

    I really enjoy OpenBor 3.00(7) using my Nokia E72

    Thank You, AnotherGuest!

  6. This emulator is great but wht i hate about it is that there are only beat em up games wich sucks

  7. ^ This isn't an emulator. It's a beat em up engine.

  8. Do you know our full game maked with Openbor?
    You can check these in my blog: !

  9. I cant play mortal combat with the latest version

  10. Do you still have the old 3.00(8) version??

    For example Battletoads Double Dragon - The Revenge (V.5) the avatar of the player in the left up corner when you die and choosing new hero the listed avatars ARE SHIT! The same in 3.00(8) looks perfect. when you choosing hew hero after death the top left corner avatars are perfect.

    What is different in new 3.00(9)? 3.00(9) shit the graphics. 3.00(8) works perfect on s60v5 on my Nokia N97 and dont SHIT as 3.00(9)!

  12. work great on my nokia e63. waiting for other (SDL emuator) port, :D

  13. I try on my e71 but always force close. What the heck?