Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rise of the Triad 1.10(3)

A team of special operatives, known as the H.U.N.T. (High-risk United Nations Task-force), is sent to San Nicolas Island to investigate deadly cult activity taking place in an ancient monastery. Their boat, the only way back, is destroyed by patrols, and the team soon learns that the cult plans to systematically destroy nearby Los Angeles. The operatives, now unable to return whence they came, are then left to fight their way into the monastery on the island, and eventually put a stop to the cult's activities.
Rise of the Triad was initially, during its early stages of development, meant to serve as the sequel to Wolfenstein 3D, titled Wolfenstein 3D II: Rise of the Triad. The presence of the MP40 sub machinegun and the outfits worn by the enemies are allusory to Nazi Germany and imply the original aforementioned intent for the development of ROTT.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Install SISx file
  2. Put data files to the root on memorycard i.e e:\rott  
  3. Enjoy ! ;)

Note: It also supports MP3/OGG ​​music, just put music files into the music folder  e:\rott\music

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  1. Amazing work as always. You've been my favorite Symbian dev for years.