Monday, December 17, 2012

Just4Qix 1.00(0)

Advance through the levels by filling in more than 80% of the screen.The deamon won't get you but he will send fire to find you.You can dowse the fire by filling the screen while the fire is on your tail.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Install SISx
  2. Enjoy ! ;)


  1. will the next is new emulator my bro? Plz ports some good emulator again my bro, long time i wait it. U are God of symbian users my bro.

  2. Great! this remind me the MAME game Volfied... Mmh do you know Final Fantasy 8 card game named Triple Triad? it would be great to play it on our Symbian... maybe with touch screen support for s60v5 ;).. well keep working you're great!!

  3. great keep your work for make s60v3 ported game,we will always behind you.

    All Symbian lover

  4. heeeeiii,,, plz port this game my bro...! This is ''Secret Maryo Chronicles''

  5. as always, excellent games again. may i request ag can you fix the snes4all or snes4sym thats snes emulator with sound for symbian, but unfortunately it doesnt work on arm 9 devices like n73, n96 and other phones with arm 9 with it. the other snes emulators vsun, vsun plus and antnes doesnt have sound, i hope you can help us so we can also have a snes4sym on our arm 9 phones, i know you are already a legend on symbian being a developer thats why youre our only hope to have a decent snes emulator with decent sound. thanks very much for all the contributions you have given us, hope you can help us, we'd appreciate it for life. :)

    1. vSun and Antsnes HAVE sound... only vSun Plus dont have sound

  6. plz antotherguest,plz port game theme park dos,cause i like that game,it like ps1,i know i can play that on picodrive and snes4all(sega and snes version)but the quality not like theme park dos,i hope you make this port,plz,thank you

  7. Is there a way to change the music in this game??...I don't wanna try and reassemble anime characters with that stupid NBA theme...