Thursday, May 17, 2012

User interface control

User interface is integrated in all ports, it is an important and useful thing, it allows you to change various things like aspect ration, sound volume, different writing mode and so.

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User Interface Controls:
Green key: CTRL ON/OFF

When CTRL is ON:
Arrows and volume keys: Sound volume
1: Writing mode FN ON / OFF
2: Portrait / Landscape mode
3: Flip screen Left / Right
4: Stretch screen ON / OFF
5: Image quality Nice / Fast
6: Aspect ration ON / OFF
7: Writing mode A
8: Writing mode C (default)
9: Writing mode J
0: Mouse mode

For touch symbian:
*: UI Flip Left / Right
#: UI Show / Hide


  1. Man, I've been meaning to ask what this CTRL was about in your stuff. Thanks for posting.. the only things I previously knew were all those image stuff.. 2-4. But I didn't know heck about the other stuff.. all I knew was that messing with the others sometimes made it unable to control picodrive.. but after installing scummvm I realized that I was enabling the mouse.. after messing with it, I came to know all those writing modes.. 7-9 and mouse 0.
    Btw, please.. pleeeeeaase check my other comments.. I'm the person who commented on bermuda syndrome post regarding picodrive.. out of topic, I know, but wanted to get your attention. I also made two comments on the picodrive post.. please read them and give replies.

  2. Great, I'm glad it's helpful :-).

    Well, i read your comments and the only thing i can say it´s still in progress.
    I expected that new PicoDrive will be released earlier, well just try to be patient, i can´t say when it will be done, but perhaps as soon as possible.

    I think that you could create a profile, it's quite confusing. :-D

    Cheers !

  3. Thanks for replying.. and the advice. :P
    So will there ever be a descent snes emulator coming up?

  4. AnotherGuest, if you please... I have a Nokia N82, and I can't seem to play these last games you've posted, I just can't do anything on the title screens. The interface works fine, but I have no directional keys, nor enter... I have PIPS 1.6.1 installed, any idea?

  5. hehehe,,, sorry master,,,
    i have profile before,,,

    i'm man that talk about picodrive on Brum Brum Rally page master,,, but on the another anonymous profile it's not me master,,,

    please complete and release the news version soon master,, i can't wait it,,,

    huhuhuhu,,, please release thats master,,,

    i'm sorry before master,,, hehehe

    thanks you master...

  6. Another Guest, whether the exit of 3d PC shooter's ports is planned?

  7. hey,i like all of your games,i know i can play all with dos,but without sound and so slow,but your made is not,so like dune i play on dos slow and without sound,but your mod is not.i'm very like you.can you made theme park dos playfull with sound and fast(not slow).plz i'm very like that game

  8. but you can port from a PC emulator for Symbian ps1

  9. my hp is 6120c,minimum ram,i want to learn how to make source app like you,i tried eqpcx on my device,but i know we must have 32mb ram.
    Plz i hope you to make theme park dos app like all of your application,or you teach me how to moddified dosbox to play 1 game,with complete sound and not slow.
    And how to port from a pc emulator for symbian ps1?

  10. and i dont have pc,because i'm just poor boy,who only can play dosbox with slow,and play of your games and emulator

  11. Hi!
    Iam sorry, iam quite busy right now...

    Well, PicoDrive, we have to wait for source,
    i did not get an answer yet .
    Theme park ? Why not, but we need source code, so if you can find it ?

    Cheers !

  12. are you mean is this
    About picodrive,i know theme park avaible in sega genesis and cd version,but not like dos version,the dos version is very better.and i want ask something about picodrive.why picodrive v1.51 can't play sega 32x?and why if i play sega cd sometime slow and sometime fast,and sound sometime bad.
    Sorry for my english.and thank

  13. Well, we would like to port new version of PicoDrive (version 1.80) but source isn´t aviable yet, so we have to wait.

    Theme park, this is not the source code, it´s just game.

  14. owh i think it source code,but i search on source forge theme park,i find openthemepark,are is mean like your app opentyrian?how about elder scroll dos,or civilization 2?
    Hey,i'm wait for new picodrive,i hope you can make it can play on s60v3.
    good luck
    Keep modding
    I like you

  15. Hmm i found just this, check this :
    It´s not Theme park, but Theme Hospital. :-D
    could it be?

    1. sorry i must go to school,because i am student,so i'm late to comment.
      theme hospital?why not?
      Yeah,theme hospital,i can't play that on dosbox,and while i read compatibility on dosbox website it say on dosbox 0.74 runable and 0.73 runable too.

  16. Picodrive is actually as fine as it is. It's just that the control mapping settings are better in the older version(You can map diagonal buttons.. kinda essential for Landstalker). All I asked for is that can you implement the old control mapping settings to the newer one... if that's possible for you. And by the way, does overclocking work for n95 8gb via picodrive? I did mess with it but it seems to me like it doesn't make any difference whether it's at 15mhz or 300mhz.
    And one other thing.. I have picodrive for Sega Genesis/CD.. it's good enough.. only controls need improvement.. I have vBag, good GBA emulator.. most games run.. only few good ones like Tony Hawk games and Sword of Mana don't run.. so if it's possible to port a better gba emulator, I'd like to know that. I have vBoy, good gameboy/gameboy colour emulator.. has only problems with sound but that's ok.. I have SMS for Master System and Game Gear, it's great but only one save state slot for each game, but that's ok in this case.. I have your ports of ScummVM and gpFCE.. awesome emulators.. now the only thing missing is a good SNES emulator.. vSun/antsnes/Snes4Sym all suck.. snes4sym works great without sound.. but what is Snes without sound?? If only I'd a good SNES emulator and picodrive had better control mapping system. My favourite game genre is action rpg.. and SNES has the biggest library of games like that.. if only there was a good snes emu.. So is it possible? Can we see a good SNES emu ported by you in the near future?

  17. maybe go out for mame on emulyator simbiane

  18. why mame can't play game on my 6120c,i put game on mame directory but why it doesnt work

  19. are you can port starcraft for s60v3?

  20. hey i got a source file,now i want you to teach me to make application,plz.

  21. and can get an emulator for Symbian pc engine