Saturday, May 17, 2014

OhBoy 1.00(0)

A gameboy emulator using the gnuboy emulation core.
Oh Boy is an SDL port of gnuboy and offers:
  • frame skipping
  • GUI menu for loading roms
  • GUI menu for some settings and saving them to gnuboy .rc files
  • FPS indicator (from SDL gnuboy port)

Installation Instructions:
  1. Install SISx file
  2. Download a game and put the rom file wherever you want
  3. Select the path where you put the rom
  4. Enjoy ! ;)


  1. superrrrrrrrrr wwwwoooooowwwww,,, you're very very rock Sir, thank you, and thank you very much...

    you port emulator again... :D

    I'm speechless... Wow,, haha thank you sir,

    i like the name of this emulator, :D

  2. after first try, wow, this is realy stable and very perfect Gameboy Emulator for symbian... Wow thats great Sir.

    But please add mapping for up,right,down, and left button Sir.

    Sound emulation working perfectly, on Pokemon Yellow you can hear Pikachu says. Huhu thats is more extended life for symbian phone Sir.

    Wow, finally perfect gameboy emulator for old symbian. And i have 15 save states slot too...

  3. Hello Sir, now i can mapping key Up, Down, Left and Right button using Magickey... :D

    1. hi, i can use any key for navigation on my nokia e63 without using magickey. to do that, you must edit manualy bindings.rc file located in c:/data/ohboy and add some line like this (on my bindings.rc):

      bind w +up
      bind s +down
      bind a +left
      bind d +right

      it's work for me.

      *don't use xplore to edit the file, i use dedit text editor"

      and sorry for my bad english, :D

    2. hei it work,,, thank you for information my bro... :D

  4. thank you very much Anotherguest! I think your the only one that supports the symbian os today, we are thankful that you still are keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Anotherguest! We are very thankful for your continuos support for the symbian platform
    If your interested here are some open source games that can possibly run on symbian;
    Its the projects main pages.

  6. Hello AnotherGuest! Is it just me or we can't adjust the sound level? I'm on an E7 with Symian Belle. Thanks!

  7. Hi! This is Silent
    Yeah you cant change the volume its preset to default and cannot be change.
    But you can adjust the volume the other way by pressing the green call key then press up or down to adjust volume. Sadly though your E7 dont have a green call key.

  8. Hey, I am playing your JFSW and JFduke ports. The HRP for jfSW doesnt seem to work though it should, did you modify the build? this build doesnt have the polymost option on it. I cant use the md3 models too on both JF ports. Any thoughts on this?
    And on other news, I can use voxels on jfduke though Im limited to only 8mb of voxels

    1. How did you get it to work?

    2. I downloaded a voxel pack for duke3d on the net. Theres a voxel pack made by reaperman and ken silverman. Ive arrange a voxel pack that replaces all the pickups some signs, switches and props in the game. There is also a voxel pack for JFshadow warrior. If anyone is interested I'll upload it, reply to this post if you want them.

  9. Damn! That's great You still works on s60v3 devices! I suggest you do to some solid Gameboy Advance emulator port to s60v3 instead Game Boy Color, cause there is only vbag/vbagx emulator there, and really it sucks dicks, low compatibility and framerate... And, damn you re good in this things, porting that great, huge games like Duke 3d or Hexen to that great quality is really something! Respect man! Hexen totally blow my free time on my 6120c hehe, I wanna only test if it works, but things go wrong hehe

  10. Hi! Lately I've been looking emulators gbc to remember the good games! I found this! I downloaded and really liked it! Only I know how to save naw! He did not create a .sav file or something! How is it saved? (What you want ingles error is the fault of google translator; -;)

  11. Thank you so much for still supporting Symbian!!!

  12. hi, symbian ohboy gamerom metalgear solid snake bug in first lift.
    ps. android down.

  13. If you have many roms in the selected folder, it is very slow. How do I select a folder and separate it into sub folders, like letter a, b, c, ....? How to separate the roms, for example, a GB folder and another GBC?

    Thank you man. It's the only gb/gbc emu that really works! Vboy sucks.

  14. Please mod VBagx with your Virtual key built in, im still use 5230 series nokia, please , update , nokia symbian still alive for nostalgia old phone refurbished.

  15. Please Atari 2600 or Atari 800 emulator for Symbian. ...Please do it and go down in history!