Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spout 1.00(0)

Spout is a simple caveflying game. The aim is to get as high as possible, avoiding or destroying obstacles.  

Installation Instructions:
  1. Install SISx file
  2. Enjoy ! ;)


  1. how is a simple game... :D

    hey anotherguest, how about to porting The Settlers from Dos game...?

  2. How do you exit??

  3. i dont know... :P
    just hold on menu button and kill this game with backspace... :D

  4. i hope some new update for Amiga emu version. On your last version some game dont run.
    Final Fght, Chase HQ 2, dont run on this version.

    And why i cant use Kickstarts 3.1 version...? Only kickstarts 1.3 will run to open the game.

  5. I just found out...

    Press [LSK+Backspace] then BAM!! Exit!!

  6. yeah great job bro... :D

    hey Anotherguest, many good games from Dos system.
    And we have found Dosbox for run Dos games on symbian. But its still have a bugs, because the framerate and sounds is still have to fix.

    And Dosbox is have sourcecode before, maybe you Anotherguest, will to fix any bugs on Dosbox emulator for symbian.

    Because Dos is old system right, please make it possible to fix Dosbox emu.

    We counting on you Anotherguest.
    It will good if we can playing Commander Keen series with good framerate and good sounds.

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  8. works great on E71