Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New update

Hello again,

i bring you a new update for Chocolate Doom, now with fixed multiplayer:

Cheers ! ;)


  1. Please Master add new awesome games :)

  2. Please God convert the "Mame 32"

  3. Sorry, but i want to say that new version of chocolate DOOM is bad build. No music. Shrinking algoritm is bad, setup can't be read with 320x240 resolution. Nokia e72.
    Iwads in warp dialog still not listed.

  4. Hi. Could you tell me where did you get Sqrxz games source codes? I can't find it anywhere on their site. Or maybye are you a developer of Sqrxz? I'd like to get some textures, please respond :)

  5. hai master,,, u port Uae4all from Chui's source code right,,,?

    Why you not to try Port the Neo4all by Chui's too master,? It will awesome emulator game on symbian s60v3 phone if u do that master,,,

    come on sir, try to port that,,, Chui's has the source code,,, please do that master,,,

  6. hei, master,,, i try play Tomb Raider 3D with Dosbox on my s60v3 phone,,, the games work but slowly,

    u have many port game from dos game, how about if you port Tomb Raider 3D dos game to symbian,,,???

  7. please port this games for s60v3,,,

  8. hei mastter add new awesome game plz.