Monday, February 6, 2012

PuzzleTube 1.00(0)

This game was made for the RIOT digital contest - a multi platform
game developing contest for different handhelds like the Openpandora,
Dingoo, Caanoo or Wiz and now for s60.
This a a puzzle game like many others but this time on a tube. There are
3 game modes explained at beginning. In every mode you have to crush
stones. To crush a stone you have to move at least 4 stones of the same
color to a 2x2 square. This square, every attached stone of the same
color and stones on the other side of the tube with the same color will
explode and you get points. If there is a stone of the same color on the
other side the stone wobbles. If you got a chain reaction you get more
points. How much points you get (and why) is shown on the left side of
the screen.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Install SISx file
  2. Enjoy ! ;)


  1. Nice game ! Thanks !

  2. Thank you, very good game .... beautiful graphics and high-quality music ... I love playing this kind ... thank you! c5-00 all is well ...

  3. Uhuuuu!... :) A new game!Very well!Thank you AnotherGuest!Good game! ;)

  4. Amazing !! I love it !!
    Really nice graphics and music :)
    It´s really fun !!
    Keep it up !!

  5. Awesome! Thanks ! :)

  6. Doesn't work, when trying to run nothing happens :( All your other ports work well, PCSX, PicoDrive, BOFH, X-Pired, Berusky and not your but similar to your ports snes4sym. I'd like to try this game too :(