Monday, November 7, 2011

Liero 1.34(2)

Liero is a very addicting game similar to Worms. This is a two-player game, but you can play against the computer. You are a worm that is trying to kill all the others. Build tunnels to get to the others. It has many different weapons and is a game you can get hooked on very easily. It also comes with a level editor so you can make your own levels.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Install PIPS (at least 1.3.0)
  2. Install SISx file
  3. Enjoy ! ;)


  1. works great with E71! If your going to download additional levels put them in c:data\liero\

  2. Hi!
    Im the same guy who uses E71, can you update Liero? If Not I will try and make a v1.36 and share with everybody, or I can send it to you so you can post it here.